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IDX CLOSING: JCI Increases 0.60% to 4,845.37

Jakarta Composite Index (CJI) increased 0.60% in the closing session, Thursday (3/31/2016) while rupiah exchange rate strengthened 0.13% or 17 points to IDR13,239 per US Dollar.

Banking Lending Slows Down

Banking lending in the first quarter of 2016 slowed down in average as compared with last year.

Some Listed Companies Interested in Masela Block

Some listed mining companies are ready to work on gas pipeline project of Masela Block due to the decision of president to develop the onshore project.

Annual Inflation May Reach 4.50%, Analysts Say

A number of analysts registered in Bloomberg consensus predicted annual inflation rate growth (year-on-year) from 4.42% into 4.50%.

Government Warns OTT to Own Permanent Establishment

A Circular letter which reminds the over the top (OTT) companies to establish a fix business entity was issued as of today Thursday (3/31/2016).